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For Corporates

The team Mental Majbooti is inclined towards providing expert lecturers, motivational seminars and workshops to the corporates to address the prevailing challenges and resolving them with the powerful seminars. These Talks are

Based on your requirements, customised programs are designed to meet your needs on following:

For Corporates :

- Basics of Management
- Employee Motivation
- Interpersonal skills.
- Increasing Productivity
- Employee Absenteeism
- Quality Management
- Leadership and Delegation
- Quality Management
- Customer Driven Organization
- Handling Customer’s complaints
- Tele-sales: selling over the phone
- Retail Training
- Customer Relationship Management
- Human Resource Management
- Stress Management
- Time Management
- Managing Conflicts
- Group Dynamics and many more ..

Youth at Coaching, College & University Level

The Team is invited to motivate the students at the Coaching, College & University Level. The Founder & CEO of Mental Majbooti, Dr. Shekhar Kapoor leaves the audience spellbound by interacting and communicating with them and filling them with the much required Josh by infusing a lot of energy in them to channelize their energy in the positive direction and towards Nation Building.

Some Modules For Colleges and Universities:

 Time Management
 Stress Management
 Personality Development
 Soft Skills
 Communication Skills
 Building Self Confidence
 Positive Attitude
 Communication Skills
 Anger Management
 Presentation Skills
 Goal Setting
 Leadership skills
 Increasing Concentration
 Group Discussions
 Personal Interviews
 Body Language
 Goal Setting
 Faculty Development Programs and many more.

For - Schools

The powerful seminars on Communication Skills, Decision Making, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Confidence Building, Leadership Skills prepares the students from the very beginning to develop their ability to think and to think constructively in the right direction to move towards their Goals.

A. Unleash your Potential
 A complete training program for the school students to realize their untapped potential.

B. Increase Your Self-Confidence
 A complete training program aimed at removing the hesitation & building an unstoppable self-confidence for the students to face the challenges of the teacher called life.

C. Faculty Training Program
 A complete Train the Trainers program for the teaching as well as non-teaching staff.

D. Know what you want?
 A complete step-by-step career counselling session for the students facilitating them to choose a right career path.
E. Stress Management
 A complete training program to remove the anxiety and stress which develops in the minds due to peer pressure, exams or work-life imbalance. Unleash your Potential

Personal Counselling

The counselling related to the Career Counselling, Bounce Back from the Failures in Life, Regaining Mental Strength and various Psychological issues are being dealt with very efficiently and effectively.

What we Intend to provide to our participants:-

1. Paradigm shift: by providing them fresh information
2. Increase their knowledge and skills
3. To make them more successful.
4. Introduce new concepts in front of them
5. Ice breakers
6. Training Activities
7. Role Plays
8. Energizers
9. To fight their fears & Unleash their true potential
10. To Bring a change in their lives.

What more can you expect from us?

 Outstanding delivery skills
 Art of Re-framing Language
 Total post – training support
 Rich Training videos

What we Expect from you?

1. High Level of Energy
2. Total participation
3. An open mind
4. Willingness to stretch yourself
5. Team Work
6. High degree of focus
7. Good Reading habits
8. A Yearn to Learn

Our Approach:-

1. Motivating and Inspiring
2. Inclusive and Interactive
3. Latest Research and Innovation
4. Creative design and use of both parts of the brain
5. Fun based learning
6. Objective Oriented

Why Choose Us

Mr. Shekhar Kapoor is a Motivational Speaker, Career Counsellor and an Entrepreneur.


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